I just wanted to thank you for being the BEST tour guide ever.  You kind, patient ways were so appreciated.  I have attached a pic of you on the boat Sea of Galilee, also enclosed a pic of my brother John and myself.
Thanks again,
Joan Miano 

Dear Ruth,
I can't believe it was a whole year ago that we were touring with you in Israel!! That time was such a highlight in the the lives of my family. You played such a wonderful part in it. Thank you again. I have showed my presentation to many people and several groups. Am looking at pictures and videos of the trip again this week.What precious memories!! Heather, Hannah and Amanda want their father to save money for another trip. I am sure at the top of their list would be to see you!

Hello Ruthie,

Thank you so much for looking after me on the recent trip to your wonderful country.  I thought you were an exceptional guide and a very special person.  I would love to work with you again in the very near future, so will be working hard to bring my clients to Israel!

 Lots of love

Lin xx

Hi Ruthie
Thank you for your company over our trip to Israel.
It was a fantastic and fascinating trip made better by your excellent guiding.
If you are ever in the cold North of England, currently 4 degrees then i would be delighted to show you the sites.
 Kind regards

I travel with my family in December to Israel, and we never thought that we are going to have the best time ever !!! And the reason why- because we have the most wonderful, knowledgeable, intelligent and professional guide- her name is Ruthie.

If you ever travel to Israel, doesn't matter what town, she will take you everywhere and show you everything around...believe me you will be very haywire her service.

Victoria, Miami- Florida

Un'esperienza indimenticabile. Grazie Ruthie!
Abbiamo visitato insieme a Ruthie la città di Gerusalemme, il sito di Masada ed il Mar Morto: Abbiamo trovato in Ruthie una giuda preparatissima ed una persona splendida, disponibile e impeccabile. Ci auguriamo di poter tornare presto per visitare nuovi posti con il suo specialissimo supporto.

Maria, Saronno, Italia

Best guide there is!

This is my husband and I's first visit to Israel and we wanted to do it right in the short amount of time we had (6 days). I contacted Ruthie a couple of months before our trip, and she made us a great itinerary with our must do's. Upon meeting her, I was sure I made the right decision in picking her over several private tour guides. She made us feel at ease instantly and I felt like we had been friends a long time by the end of the first day. She is very knowledgeable and most importantly, never boring! She has a way of explaining things that made us truly understand the places we visited and the Jewish culture in general. I felt comfortable asking her any question. She also took us to some really yummy, authentic eats that we are now craving back home. Yes, Israel is beautiful, but she was the primary reason why we enjoyed our trip so much. She became family by week's end and we felt so sad when we said goodbye to her. We have done many private tours in our travels but we never connected with any of them like we did with Ruthie.

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