The Jewish quarter Bar Mitzva tour:

A Bar Mitzva is an unforgettable event that happens once in a life time and the therefore I suggest a fascinating tour in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, before or after the ceremony, for the family members and friends who are coming to celebrate the happy event.

The tour starts at Zion gate, the place where King David is buried, through the Hurva synagogue, the Cardo, Hezekiah`s wall, all the way to the Dung gate and from there to The Western Wall. The tour includes stories and songs, accompanied by musical instruments, given to the participants as well. A journey to Jewish history and traditions, at the place where it all began!

The Massada Bar Mitzva tour:

"Massada will never fall again", wrote Itzhak Lamdan in his famous poem and hundreds of Israeli soldiers said these same words up on the mountain, swearing to protect the country at all cost.

Take your family members and friends to an incredible tour of Massada, to learn about the history and the heroic story and at the end, celebrate the Bar Mitzva up there, with the magnificent view of the Judean Desert surrounding you.

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