Caesarea-Haifa-Acre- Rosh Hanikra

The Israeli Mediterranean coast is fascinating. Along the history the Via Maris was a main road that crossed the land from Egypt to the big civilisations in the north and the east. The Pheonicians, the Romans, the Crusaders and the Muslims built there cities and ports and the ruins of these sites are among the most visited in Israel.
Caesarea was the capital of the Judean province for many centuries, a city that Herode the Great built 2,000 years ago, with amazing palaces, bath houses, a teatre and more.
Haifa, an important port city today, is a sacred place for the Bahai faith and the beautiful gardens of their shrine are a spectacular scene.
The city of Acre offers an amazing Crusader underground citadell, synagoges, mosques and churches and good fish restaurants at the typical port.
Last stop, a beautiful white chalk cliff, next to the border with Lebanon, is nature reserve with natural grottos, wild-life and history.

View from Mount Carmel

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